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Whether you are putting a plan in place for a new project, evaluating process improvements, or building a project portfolio, an S2insight Intensive™ session can help you accomplish weeks of work in only a few days.

Every Intensive produces real results, including professionally prepared documents that capture all the outcomes and decisions from the session. Your team will become aligned, energized, and armed with a specific action plan driven by your goals. That’s the essence of genuine team work – and genuine team building.

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The Organization Intensive™

Delivery Format: On-site

Duration: 1 day plus consulting

Participants: Senior Leadership Team

Organizations are faced with more changes than ever, including mergers and acquisition, outsourcing, downsizing, and explosive growth. The Organization Intensive™ combines consulting with facilitated teamwork to create a new organizational structure to meet emerging business needs.

Typical Work Sessions:

  • Defining and understanding the organizational vision and strategic direction.
  • Considering alternative organizational structures to meet the vision.
  • Defining the leadership roles and responsibilities of the alternative org structures.
  • Identifying key contributors whose loss would imperil the organization.
  • Conducting interviews with key contributors to align the structure with personnel.
  • Establishing a communications plan.

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