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Whether you are putting a plan in place for a new project, evaluating process improvements, or building a project portfolio, an S2insight Intensive™ session can help you accomplish weeks of work in only a few days.

Every Intensive produces real results, including professionally prepared documents that capture all the outcomes and decisions from the session. Your team will become aligned, energized, and armed with a specific action plan driven by your goals. That’s the essence of genuine team work – and genuine team building.

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Business Strategy Intensive™

Delivery Format: On-site

Duration: 2 days

Participants: Business Leadership Team

If vision is the desired destination for your business, then strategy is the game plan for getting there. The Business Strategy Intensive enables your leadership team to develop a coherent strategy and then translate that strategy into a set of executable initiatives. This collaborative working session helps ensure alignment and sets the stage for planning and execution.

Typical Work Sessions:

  • Understanding the foundations of strategy – organizational culture and values.
  • Identifying the forces that drive the business and ways to address those forces.
  • Creating the future – elements of vision.
  • Setting the direction – mission, and strategy.
  • Defining strategic objectives and mapping their relationships.
  • Determining the gaps between current and future states.
  • Identifying strategic initiatives and developing their charters.
  • Aligning resources to the strategy.

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