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S2insight delivers consulting in the areas of project management, product development, portfolio management, and organizational development. Our experts work directly with you or your management team to define schedules, coach project managers, analyze resources, create product development plans, or assess project maturity.

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Portfolio Management Consulting

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Portfolio Resource Analysis & Planning

Delivery Format: On-site

Duration: Varies

Your business strategy has been developed, but how will you implement it? S2insight will help you organize the projects and non-project work needed to realize your vision. That means balancing three factors: your priorities, your resource needs, and your organizational capability.

Typical Services:

  • Establishing clear linkage and alignment between strategic priorities and strategic spending.
  • Defining a project prioritization process.
  • Creating a clear view of resource requirements across the portfolio by assessing project needs.
  • Establishing the organization’s resource capability.
  • Balancing, optimizing, and baselining the portfolio in accord with your priorities.
  • Establishing a process with senior management to evaluate tradeoffs and resolve resource conflicts.

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