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S2insight delivers consulting in the areas of project management, product development, portfolio management, and organizational development. Our experts work directly with you or your management team to define schedules, coach project managers, analyze resources, create product development plans, or assess project maturity.

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Portfolio Office Support

Delivery Format: On-site

Duration: Varies

Portfolio Office Support focuses on the tracking and management of portfolio data, including project status and priorities, resource demand, and organizational capability. This data is often established during a Portfolio Resource Analysis & Planning engagement.

Typical Services:

  • Creating Portfolio Office operating procedures.
  • Collecting project and resource status regularly.
  • Updating the portfolio management database.
  • Managing change activity, such as adding new projects and resources.
  • Producing management reports.
  • Developing a Portfolio Process Guide for use by all resource and project managers.
  • This service is often linked with the Project Management Office (PMO) consulting service.

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