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S2insight delivers consulting in the areas of project management, product development, portfolio management, and organizational development. Our experts work directly with you or your management team to define schedules, coach project managers, analyze resources, create product development plans, or assess project maturity.

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CMMI® Assessment

Delivery Format: On-site assessment

Duration: 3 weeks

The Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI®) from Carnegie Mellon is a tool for assessing an organization’s product development capability. There are five assessment levels, but in practice, most companies operate at Level 1 (Ad Hoc), resulting in unpredictable schedules and poor quality. S2insight will assess where you are and help you plan the fastest and most effective way to improve.

Typical Services:

  • Educating the organization on the CMMI.
  • Selecting and assessing representative projects.
  • Conducting team interviews.
  • Reviewing hard data from project artifacts.
  • Mapping organizational competencies to Key Process Areas (KPAs).
  • Preparing a detailed assessment report and roadmap for improvement.
  • Presenting to senior management.

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